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Ages  3 - 7 years old

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Destined to be a treasured favorite at home, in classrooms and at library story times.The much-loved children's song, Tony Chestnut, comesto life in an interactive, beautifully illustrated children's picture book with accompanying CD.

Preview the Book about Tony ChestnutTony Chestnut is joined in this story, by a stellar children's cast of characters including Eileen, Neil, Pat, Bob, Russell and Skip, who are all from the hit songJoin the kids on a childhood adventure in friendship and quest towards playground unity -- laugh along with the hysterical antics of Tony Chestnut as he anxiously tries to resolve his little sister's true-to-life, social dilemma.  In this interactive literary experience young readers are invited to participate and join in as the book's cast shows us all, step by step, how to do the Tony Chestnut dance moves that everyone is talking about.

Top Fun Gold AwardMoms Choice AwardiParenting Media - 2010 Award of ExcellenceCreative Child Media of the YearDr Toy Best Vacation Products 2010The 48 page picture book is packaged with a CD featuring a soundtrack, and reading by the enchanting British storyteller, Jeanne Bowyer.  Listeners are also treated to a second sharing of the story by Tony Chestnut himself, as he makes his debut, storytelling appearance.  Also, included on the CD, will be the hit song, Tony Chestnut, the well-known tune from The Learning Station's multi award-winning CD, Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs, that has sparked the making of this book.

Professional Book Reviews

The Book About Tony Chestnut is a wonderful addition to The Learning Station repertoire, and children will love the story that goes along with the hit song. The fun and catchy lyrics, paired with the witty and whimsical body movements (Toe, Knee, Chest, Nut, Nose, Eye, Love, You) are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!” … “Great story/song.  Great illustrations.  A perfect combination! Highly recommended!”                                                                                                                                                 By Amy M. O’Quinn, The National Writing For Children Center

"The Book about Tony Chestnut is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award. The Mom's Choice Awards honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. An esteemed panel of judges includes education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others."Rated 5 Stars by Mom's Choice Awards

"The Book About Tony Chestnut contains a well-executed story that celebrates the importance and value of sibling love. It presents the readers with a situation most will experience in their early years of fitting in a new environment and finding new friends." ... "This is a true gem of a read for children ages 3-7, and they will enjoy the kind of pay-it-forward love that resonates throughout the pages"Rated 5 Stars by San Francisco Book Review

"Tony Chestnut's song is about cheering, sharing, caring, and joining with others to make new friends and welcome old ones. The unforgettable toe-tapping lyrics are imaginatively displayed and illustrated throughout. Enhanced with the inclusion of a hit song by Don Monopoli, The Book About Tony Chestnut will secure many more fans for the Learning Station's educational/musical productions. "Rated 5 Stars by Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch, Reviewers Choice

“The name, Tony Chestnut, serves as a simple mnemonic device that kids will pick up instantly. "Toe", "Knee", "Chest", "Nut" (your crazy head). I even had a particularly active child play the part of Tony, and he had his sister pretend to cry so that he could cheer her up. I felt like I was introducing the kids to dramatic structure as well as singing and dancing. This book is a must have for anyone with more than one child in the household. It's fun, exciting, daring, and you'll want to do it over and over again.” Rated a Must Read! by Eric Jones,

“This book is an exciting, colorful, and interactive edition to your children’s library. My daughters absolutely enjoyed it and so did I. The book comes with a CD, so you can follow along to the music after reading Tony’s wonderfully illustrated story! The story itself is an endearing and wholesome story about a kind brother trying to make his sister happy. ” Rated 9 / 10 by Tiffany Schlarman,

“A CD accompanies this book, with three read-along versions of the story, discussion questions for the classroom, and the original Tony Chestnut song. The discussion questions center on what it’s like to be the new kid, how to make other kids feel welcome, and being compassionate and kind. The Book About Tony Chestnut has a great, positive message, while also being upbeat and fun. I highly recommend this delightful interactive teaching tool.By Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews

Mommy, mommy, look! Toe…Knee…! These were the words bubbling from my daughters lips when I walked through the door after a long day of work. It was quite obvious that the Tony Chestnut book had arrived in the mail. Even more exciting was that the words to the song came rushing back to me and it was apparent that I had heard this song before—my daughter sung it at her Pre-school graduation! It dawned on me, there is a book for it now!” By Ladyporter,

"With adorable illustrations provided by Wendy Sefcik and lyrical content by author Laurie Monopoli, The Book About Tony Chestnut, is a top notch book that all those who work with children should have on hand. As someone who worked with preschool children I would have loved to have this book on hand when a new student arrived. A definite winner in my book. It also comes with a charming CD, featuring the Tony Chestnut song made famous by The Learning Station. Also included on CD are two narrations of this wonderful book, one by Tony Chestnut himself." By Angela Simmons,

"Who can resist such a catchy song? And who can stop themselves from dancing to it? Not this family. This book allows children to actively participate in the story. We all love it. We read it for the first time yesterday, and we're still singing the words today. My younger daughter said the story was amazing and the other described it as cool. I agree. Apparently this song burst on the scene in 1997, but I hadn't heard of it until I read this book. Although we were late to this party, I'm glad we came. Definitely a keeper for the bookshelf." By Monique Burkes,

"I would highly recommend The Book About Tony Chestnut. It is an important issue that children think about on a daily basis, will I make a friend, or will I be rejected? Tony shows that sometimes it is important to take a chance." By Eileen Hanley,

“The Book About Tony Chestnut, by Laurie Monopoli is a wonderful interactive reading experience! Incorporating the names into the movements in the song is very clever and my children found it to be quite amusing. Long after the book was put down they were still dancing around to the Tony Chestnut song!" By Kam Aures,

"The Learning Station has done it again!  Hit all the right "notes" in providing a delightful quality product for young children.  They truly understand young children and the issues and challenges they face growing up and learning the skills necessary to be successful citizens--and as always, in a fun and musical style unique to The Learning Station." By Dr. Marci Guddemi, Gesell Institute Executive Director

"Today's young children are being rushed into adolescence; they need stories and songs about being friends.  Tony Chestnut gives them both, with a side of laughter! I would love to see Tony Chestnut become the next "Flat Stanley", engaging in all kinds of adventures with friends all around the world!!" By Christine Gordon, Family Guidance of Alabama

"Not only is Tony adorable as can be, he has won numerous Awards for his hit song and this amazing, colorful book about himself and his little sister, Eileen.  His song invites active participation with its clever lyrics, creating lots of movement and energy throughout. It starts off slow and then rapidly gets faster, making it more of a challenge to keep up. For some reason my kids do way better at it than me.”By Dawn Lares, Mom-a-Logues

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Story Book Cast:

Tony ChestnutTony Chestnut, a shy, soft-spoken, six -year old boy and poetic child prodigy.  He adores his little sister Eileen.  In his spare time Tony likes to read books, count to one thousand, build Lincoln Log skyscrapers and entertain his younger sister with his famous, silly monkey face. Tony dreams of pursuing a career as an architect, professional scrabble player or rock star. 

NeilNeil is Pat's best friend.  He is an accomplished kindergarten artist and is especially well-known for his skill and technique at the easel, sponge printing and clay sculptures.

PatPat is known for her exceptionally talented playground jungle gym moves and aspires to become a world-class gymnast. She also likes to share her easel with her best friend Neil.

BobBob enjoys playing outside and is a whiz kid at getting dirty.  After a rainy day he can be seen racing to the nearest puddle for a romp and he is also a culinary wonder at whipping up a decadent, three layer, mud pie.

Eileen ChestnutEileen Chestnut, a sensitive, fun loving, athletic five-year old who has mastered her skills at jump rope and hopes to go pro someday.  She enjoys chatting with her friends, organizing jump rope meets and styling her hair in pony tails.  Eileen has a secret ambition to someday be President of the United States with a powerful platform that endorses "A jump rope for every kid!"

RussellRussell spends a  great deal of time on the playground swings calculating the velocity of the wind streaming through his hair and ratio of the number of times he is required to pump to achieve a given height. 

SkipSkip has a keen eye for tossing and catching his bouncy ball. His impressive knack for sports has earned him respect on the school playground.  It is a known fact that at the age of five years old he has never missed a single catch.

SpotSpot the ladybug is a curious and adventurous flying beetle. She enjoys sunny days, hide-and-go-seek, singing nursery rhymes, being tickled and making new friends.

The spirit of a book is an extension of the author and the illustrator.

About the AUTHOR 

Laurie MonopoliLaurie Monopoli, educational specialist, children's advocate and founder of The Learning Station, has written the story that will bring the characters of this much-loved song to life.  As a member of The Learning Station, the quality of Laurie's work in the fields of early childhood education and children's music are beyond comparison -- rivaled only by the genuine passion she displays in the writing of this revered children's book. 

The highly anticipated story was created from her intuitive understanding and respect for children. As she lovingly embraced her mission of lending faces, personalities and characters to the children, Tony Chestnut, Eileen, Neil, Pat, Bob, Russell and Skip, she drew upon her own childhood experiences.  The story's compassionate message of friendship, kindness and sympathy speaks to children in a language they can understand, and conveys just the right blend of entertaining, gentle humor with a meaningful, true-to-heart message.

Her ultimate goal was to creatively capture the young reader's attention with a complete sensory experience in children's literature. She achieved this by combining a child's natural love of music and movement, with a beautifully, illustrated picture book that actually invites youngsters to actively interact with the storyline, unite in dance with the characters and as a result, stimulate a lasting experience that will foster a life-long love of reading.

"Young children like stories that feel familiar and those they can connect themselves with, The Book About Tony Chestnut will be like bringing a best friend home in a book format."Laurie Monopoli, Author


Wendy SefcikWendy Sefcik, from the illustration and design studio, Broken Box Designs, was chosen as the illustrator to bring, The Book About Tony Chestnut, to life.  She is a Summa Cum Laude honor graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelors Degree in Fine and Applied Arts.  An imaginative artist, Wendy displays a curiously fresh, inventiveness in her visionary designs characterized by child-appealing, rich colored, soft watercolor-like illustrations.  Her dreamlike artwork evokes the warmth of this story's endearing message, while her playful, whimsical humor conveys a fresh, full-of-life energy. With her creative eye for detail, Wendy's subtle, fairy-tale styled cartoons, convey the feelings of a child's first day at a new school with charm and realism.

"I think The Book About Tony Chestnut will become a nationwide hit! I love that Tony's story encourages kids to get out of their seats, laugh, play and learn, all at the same time!"Wendy Sefcik, Illustrator


Don MonopoliDon Monopoli is the lead performer, songwriter and presenter for national children’s recording artists, The Learning Station.  He has personally published 300 children’s songs, and has produced and recorded children’s music releases for KIDS FIRST/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Kimbo Educational and The Bureau For At Risk Youth.  In his life's dedication to children’s music, he has presented over 500 motivational keynote, feature and workshops presentations across the nation. 

He has graced the stages for family concerts in just about every state, bringing smiles to millions of children's faces.   He has received only the highest accolades from leaders in the educational community and has been honored with the “Louisiana Friends of Children” award for his support of children and education in this region after the devastating hurricanes, “Good Will Ambassador” from the North Little Rock AEYC for his heroic conference effort made after 9/11, and a ceremonial bestowal and recognition from Newfoundland, Canada.  Don is by far the renowned master of the Tony Chestnut movements and has performed this dance 1,679, 452 times and counting!

"I've been performing Tony Chestnut since its recording debut in 1997, and every time I bring it to the stage, it's as fresh, new, fun and exciting as the very first time.  Tony Chestnut will always be a 'hero' in my book. "   Don Monopoli, Songwriter


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