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"Tony Chestnut" Lyrics & Activities

From the CD, Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs

Tony Chestnut is a humorous use of names.  The tune invites active participation as it reveals new meaning, in the form of a movement to names including, Tony Chestnut, Eileen, Neil, Pat, Bob, Russell and Skip. 

The catchy refrain starts out slowly, introducing each witty movement and then becomes more challenging as the speed picks up.  And with the fast paced verses rapidly in motion, so ignites the explosion of fun and laughter!

tony chestnut actions


Tony Chestnut knows I love you.   Point to your toes, knees, chest, head, nose, eyes, heart and to a friend.

Tony knows.  (Tony knows.) Point to your toes, knees and nose. 

Tony Chestnut knows I love you. Point to your toes, knees, chest, head, nose, eyes, heart and to a friend.

That's what Tony knows. Point to your toes, knees and nose.                                                         

Tony, Tony and his sister Eileen.  Point to your toes, knees, toes, knees then lean to the right.

And Eileen loves Neil and Neil loves Pat.  Everyone lean to the right, kneel and pat your shoulders.

But Pat still loves Bob. Pat your shoulders and bounce your head back and forth.

And there's Russell and Skip.  Standup, wiggle your legs then skip in place. 

This song is silly, but it's hip. Make a silly face then stick out your right hip and point to it.

How it ends, just one man knows. Turn and point to your bottom.

And guess what (what), it's Tony Chestnut.  Hold your arms up in the air.  Point to your toes, knees, chest and head.



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